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Supermicro Case Rackmount CSE-743TQ-865B-SQ 4U 8X3. 5SAS/SATA Bays 2USB 865W Black

Case Rackmount CSE743TQ865BSQ 4U 8X3
Supermicro Case Rackmount CSE743TQ865BSQ 4U 8X3 5SASSATA Bays 2USB 865W Black Image 1


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Case Rackmount CSE-743TQ-865B-SQ is a terrific product show exactly how much of a computer expert your are. Part Number 0112039987082. One of the many key features for these cases is the 4u chassis support for max. motherboard size - 12" x 13" e-atx. Other highlights include ports - 2x usb ports. It weighs somewhere around 57 lbs. Are you presently thinking of buying a rack mounted case and you are simply looking for the best value for this for it? Or perhaps you want to know the views of other customers before you purchase a 4U case? If so you are at the right spot. Best price on the supermicro case rackmount cse-743tq-865b-sq 4u 8x3. 5sas/sata bays 2usb 865w black. I would like you to get the best price and service when you buy a 4U case, click on the buyers market button on this page.

1. 3. 9. 1x 5. 8. 7x Full-height, Full-length expansion slot. Power Switch, Reset Switch and 6x LED Indicators, 4x 6-pin Power Connectors. 5"1. 6. 25"Peripheral Drive Bays. 4. 8 x 3. 2x 5. 90-degree rotatable module. 44MB Floppy Drive. 5. 2. 25"Drive Bay For 3. 2x Front USB Ports. 5"SAS / SATA Hot-swappable Drive Bays. Locking Bezel with Filter. 865W Super Quiet - High Efficiency Power Supply. 7.


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