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Acserva ARSI-2I3200 4U Rackmount By Vision Man

Acserva ARSI-2I3200 4U Rackmount By Man5 Star Rating
Acserva ARSI2I3200 4U Rackmount By Man
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When you are scouting for a case We have assembled some information. The Acserva ARSI2I3200 4U Rackmount By Man, a great rack mounted case from Visionman is a brilliant case! A list of features include 2gb of ultra fast ddr2-800, quad gigabit lan and dual channel memory, 8gb max. It weighs close to 85 lbs. Are you presently considering buying the Acserva ARSI2I3200 4U Rackmount By Man and you are simply looking for the best value for this product? Perhaps would like to know the views of other customers before you purchase a 4U case? In this case you happen to be at the right place.

acserva rackmount vision specifications intel chipset

Standard Price: $1,349.99
Discount Price: $1,384.85

Specifications: # Intel 3200 Chipset # RAID 0/1/5 Supported # (3) Hotswap Bays # 2 x Western Digital 500GB SATA-II Hard Drives # 20X DVDRW w/Lightscribe Technology # 1. 13Ghz - Front Side Bus: 1066Mhz 2GB High-Speed DDR2-800 Memory - Memory Size: 2GB (2 x 1GB) - Memory Speed: DDR2-800 - Max RAM: 8GB - Dual Channel 2 x Western Digital 500 SATA-II Hard Drives - Capacity (GB) : 500GB x 2 - Speed: 7200RPM - Interface: Serial ATA-II - Cache: 8MB - RAID 1 for Data Security 20X Dual-Layer Lite On DVDRW w/Lightscribe - Type: Internal - Color: Black - Speed: 20x - Features SMART-BURN, SMART-X, and VAS, Lightscribe Lighscribe Disc Labeling! 44MB Floppy Drive # 2 x USB Ports # 585 Watt ATX Power Supply # 19"Deep 4U Rackmount Chassis # Locking Front Panel # Sliding Rails Included # Not intended for use with 2003 Server or 2003 Small Business Server OSs This Bundle Includes: Acserva 19"4U Rackmount Chassis - Locking Bezel - 1 External 5. 25"Bays - 2 Front USB Ports - Quiet 585 Watt Power Supply - 19"W x 18. 44MB - Type: Internal 8"D x 7"H - Rail Kit sold separately Intel Xeon X3210 Quad-Core Server CPU - Socket: 775 - Cache: 8MB Exclusive - Frequency: 2. Sony Internal 3 1/2"Floppy - Size: 3. 5 - Capacity: 1. 25"Bays - 5 Hotswap 3. 25"Bays - 2 Internal 3.

Features List

  • 2GB of Ultra Fast DDR2-800
  • Intel Xeon X3220 Processor
  • Quad Gigabit LAN
  • Dual Channel Memory, 8GB Max
  • Quad Core / 64-bit Support
  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Package Weight: 66.5 lbs.

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