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Chenbro 4U Open-bay Compact Rack Mount With Two-door Front Panel (RM42300-F2)

4U Openbay Compact Rack Mount With Twodoor


Color: Grey
Package Quantity: 1

The grey, 4U Openbay Compact Rack Mount With Twodoor a great item from Chenbro is a brilliant case for your computer center. The color for the case is grey. I really believe you will like that the item has got internal 3. 5": 4 (ceb board only 2 hdds). Other highlights include things like m/b form factor: ceb (12"x10. 5"), expansion slots: 7, external 5. 25" 3 and external 3. 5" 2. It's dimensions are 6.93" Height x 17.52" Length x 16.93" Width. It weighs only 39 lbs. If you want a great deal for this case, check out the market add to cart button on this page.


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